Brisbane – WW2 v Now Photo Booklets...From An American Archives' Photo Viewpoint

Booklet 1: Newstead House

General view of one section of the dance floor as Signal Photo Det. holds their dance at enlisted mens' quarters in Newstead Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 6 December 1942.

Note the fold-out crepe paper Christmas bell decorations and American style 'tin hats' on shelf, at right!

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 250420

Booklet 2: Cloudland and Cintra

Arthur MacArthur, son of General Douglas MacArthur and Col S L Huff, Aide-de-Camp to General MacArthur, stand together on the grounds of Cintra HQs and Laboratory section of Signal Photographic Detachment, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 21 December 1942.

Some efforts to contact the now near seventy year old Arthur MacArthur remain unsuccessful to date.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 250448

Booklet 3: Victoria Park and Gregory Terrace

Aerial view of USASOS HQ buildings and enlisted mens' quarters at Victoria Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 September 1943.

In this booklet I have superimposed a cropped version appearing on Peter Dunn's website.

Photo: Cpl Claude Carney.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 380166

Booklet 4: Holland Park and Ekibin Hospitals

Surviving caption to this photo in American Archives reads...At Holland Park, Queensland, Australia, US Army hospital is under construction. 18 February 1943.

Logan Road can be seen running right to left SOUTHWARD towards Mt Gravatt.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 232371

Booklet 5: Crosby Park Chemical Warfare Depot

Major construction, Base Section 3 Engineers. View of Crosby Park warehouse site of 61st Chemical Warfare Co., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 June 1943.

This is still a warfare depot today, though of the 'CRICKET' variety. Queensland Cricket's 'Allan Border field' is now located where wartime buildings stood then. By this date, most building work had been carried out. The 'Igloo' centre of photo, has close by its exterior long sides, what look like long vats. These may be some made available by MR Hornibrook, a prominent Brisbane engineer-builder who developed a worthy reputation for co-operative work with the American forces.

Photo: Cpl Claude Carney.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 223337

Booklet 6: Brisbane River – Mouth to Bretts Wharf

One of 7 exposures taken in an OFFICE of NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (ONI) sortie # 1264, dated 14 May, 1943. This sequence of 7 photos extending from the mouth up the north bank to Eagle Farm airfield took 'no end of finding' - officially, this is ALL that RG 373 'aerials' still has relating to around 200 Queensland WW2 period 'lat-longs' I enquired about over a period of 12 years!

US Archives (NARA) RG 373 ONI sortie 1264 Frame 2 of 7

Booklet 7: Brisbane River – Upstream of Bretts

Aerial view of construction for Small Ships Division at Bulimba Pt, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 September 1943.

This is now the Defence Dept's Northern Logistics Centre, understood to be due shortly for disbandment.

Photo: Cpl Claude Carney.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 380172

Booklet 8: Somerville House Base Section 3 HQ

(Top:) Aerial view of Somerville House, US Army HQ, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Land & Property Office US Army Engineers. 26 February 1943.

Photo. Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 248608

(Bottom:) Waitress staff stand in the dining hall of the Officers Mess at Somerville House, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 30 June 1944.

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 282856

Booklet 9: Rocklea Munitions and Camp Moorooka

The Civilian Mess Hall and the Munitions Factory at Rocklea, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia is camouflaged by a false road and leaves over the roof of the buildings, Australia. 17 September 1943.

The Australian camoufleurs of the Australian Government's Department of Home Security in WW2 would have been very pleased indeed with their work in disguising this building in the Munitions Factory, Rocklea. They'd have been doubly pleased to see this photo from US Archives make it into a 1998 publication by a retired USAF Colonel, Roy M Stanley II, entitled "To Fool A Glass Eye". Look at the photo and see the man 'coming over the hill'!

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 252699

Booklet 10: Camp Yeronga

Major construction Base 3 Engineers. Here is aerial view of new US Army Camp at Yeronga Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 23 May 1943.

Note the 'zig-zag' slit trenches bottom right by the Bowls Club. The SES (State Emergency Service) now occupies the once suburban Fire Brigade Station at the corner of Ipswich and School Roads.

The wartime US flag pole is gone but the 'chess board' survives.

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 232386

Booklet 11: Cannon Hill – Engineer Depot

Workers construct a 30x90 foot igloo type warehouse at Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 January 1943.

This example of wartime Igloo construction shows some of the great adaptability of the designer's idea. The arch frames had two elements - both IDENTICAL 'bent' nailed wooden box trusses. They were bedded on simple pin-joint foundation 'blocks' in the ground. They met at the top again with a simple pin joint. The larger frames needed 'crane lifting' but cranes just weren't available so they were hand-winched using 'gin poles'.

Here, is a rare example of the SMALLER Igloo frames, LIGHT enough to be man-propped into position. 'Work place Health & Safety' of those days allowed men to climb up the frame to fix the top. See how the next frame to be erected is positioned with one arch BOTH ends on the ground and its mate temporarily landed on the other.

I don't see any PURLINS, longitudinal timbers linking frames together, yet in place. That says a lot for the stability of each stand-alone frame but I'd be worried!

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 176227

Booklet 12: Nudgee and Stuartholme

Aerial view of 172nd Station Hospital, Indooroopilly, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 February 1943.

This is Nudgee Junior today.

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 266362

Booklet 13: Houses of Bonney Ave

The Biltmore in which the CG USA Services of Supply Base #3, Brig Gen William H Donaldson, has an apartment as living quarters in Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 12 December 1944.

I peered down this driveway (with a magnifying glass on the photo) to the hill and church behind. I studied the contour map and concluded it 'should be about THERE'. And, it was.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 260102

Booklet 14: Banyo, Virginia and Hedley Park

Girls grade trousers according to size preparatory to shipment at the Quartermaster Corps Salvage Warehouse #2 at Hedley Park, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 1 July 1943.

Girls they may be - certainly mature age Australian women and men staffed this section.

Photo: Pfc Christopher Mauriello.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 327172

Booklet 15: Coopers Plains – Ordinance Depot

General view with trails open to show clearance between trail and wheel to 105mm M2A1 Howitzer which has been modified by the 48th Ordnance under the direction of Ordnance Officer, SOS. It has been equipped with dual GMC wheels, the same type used on 2 1/2 ton trucks, and studs. This designed to increase floating qualities in mud and sand. Tyre pressure not yet determined is expected to be 30-35 lbs. Coopers Plains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 11 September 1943.

I don't know how the Igloos were numbered at Coopers Plains. Perhaps one day I'll find out. This one looks like # 1.

Photo: Isaacs.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 364554

Booklet 16: Japanese POW Camp, Gaythorne

Two Japanese POWs busily engaged in the construction of model airplanes at the POW and Internment Camp, Gaythorne, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Upon completion, the planes will be turned over to the American Red Cross. 14 March 1945.

The models are of the American Douglas A-20 'Havoc', a twin-engine light attack bomber. I wonder if any of these models survive now!

Photo: T/4 Henry C Manger.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 310425

Booklet 17: AMP and other City Buildings

Mr Warren Atherton, of Stockton Calif., National Commander of the American Legion, exchanges views with Sir Leslie Wilson, Governor-General of Queensland, Australia. Mr Atherton is on a tour of Army installations in the Southwest Pacific Area, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 5 June 1944.

We were unable to replicate this photo at Government House then (2006) and a second request July 2010 has produced no answer yet.

Photo: Pvt Walter Drexler.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 310425

Booklet 18: Allison Engine Plant, Breakfast Creek

Allison airplane engine overhaul, Australia. Before going to work on his regular overhaul job, each employee must attend a class of instruction in every part of the Allison engine. General Motors Holden Ltd., Brisbane, Qld, Australia. 5 April 1943.

Can I see the 'bobby-soxer'.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 177498

Booklet 19: Eagle Farm and Archerfield Aerodromes

Aerial view of Lattice Truss Warehouses in the foreground with Igloo type Air Force warehouses centre and Eagle Farm Airdrome and Camp Doomben in left rear, Queensland, Australia, 23 May 1943.

Igloo Hangar '7' stands isolated near centre right. Ford Motor Co. buildings are clear bottom right adjacent Schneider Road gated open level crossing over railway line. US vehicles passed northward here on Schneider Road to reach both the Special Equipment Motor Pool in extreme NE corner of Eagle Farm airfield and the Allison aero engine test stands.

See the Eagle Farm Aviation Society site for further information.

US Archives (NARA) RG 342 FH A29900

Booklet 20: Camp Cable, Canungra and Springbrook

MPs in Australia patrol the streets nightly. They are left Pvt Virgil Hathaway of Roscoe, Calif., and right Pfc George Wenzad of Strus, Wisconsin. 32nd Div. Camp Cable, Queensland. MPs patrol the streets of Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia. 11 April 1943.

After I published this booklet I visited BEAUDESERT and looked for this building - The base(s) of the shop windows are the clue. See if YOU can find it!

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 181170

Booklet 21: Cavendish Rd Motor Pool and Tingalpa Radio Station

Buildings housing the Radio Transmitter & Receiver Station, New Capalaba, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 7 February 1945.

'Today' this view is much the same.

Photo: Pvt Roger Feuereisen.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 310224

Booklet 22: Amberley Airfield

Copied 7 November 1942 for Capt F W. Turner, Operational Intelligence, AAF. Amberley Field, Brisbane, Australia. 12 September 1942.

Viewed from the NNW at 1000 feet, 6.375 inch focal length camera.

Ringed (in the booklet !!) is one of several arched timber aircraft hideout structures. Can you spot it?

US Archives (NARA) RG 342 FH 4A40829

Booklet 23: Round Mountain and Tabragalba

Trucks lined up at the motor pool of the 678th Signal Service Co. Camp Talagabra (sic)* Queensland, Australia. 14 August 1944.

*Note the different SPELLING! We know this locality as Tabragalba.

Must be near Searle's 'Wirraway Museum'.

Photo: Pvt Walter Drexler.

US Archives (NARA) RG 342 FH 4A40829

Booklet 24: Ekka Roundup

An Australian cavalry man rides a chariot pulled by a wild bull; the chariot rod is built so that the bull can turn and chase the rider, at the Australian Cavalry Unit and American 1st Cavalry Division rodeo, Exhibition grounds, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 26 December 1943.

There must have been some GPS sports event preceding this rodeo. Schools named are Toowoomba Grammar, CEGS, and BBC are some I can read.

Photo: Ettinger.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 305255

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