Cairns: WW2 v Now … From An American Archives' Photo Viewpoint

Sample Photo 1: Double Island, Under Rocket Attack

In a demonstration of their capabilities and uses, rocket guns mounted on DUKW and LCV fire on an island, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 17 July 1943.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 232077

Sample Photo 2: Rocket Launcher on Amphibious Vehicle, Off Palm Cove

A DUKW equipped with rocket gun hidden by covering of canvas to simulate any ordinary DUKW carrying cargo, part of equipment of 2nd Engineer Special Brigade, Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 17 July 1943.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 236004

Sample Photo 3: Two Cairns Girls Doing 'Mens' Stuff

Pvt Joyce Nixon and Pvt Ethne Elcoate clean a staff car engine at the only American Motor pool operated by women in Australia. They do 1st echelon and most of the 2nd echelon work. Sgt Clare Higgins is in charge of this WNEL Motor Pool and is assisted by 2 corporals, 10 privates first class, and 29 privates. Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 23 September 1943.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 345174

Sample Photo 4: Landing Barges Built Where Incitec Pivot Now Is, With Liberty Ship Waiting at Wharf

View of the launching ways at end of boat construction plant of the 411th Engineers Bn. Cairns, Queensland, Australia. The newly completed boats are launched by means of two chain hoists on a mono rail that extends into the water. 11 April 1943.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 239452

Sample Photo 5: A Chapel; but where?

Chapel used for Protestant and Roman Catholic services in Australia. Chapel was prepared for religious usage by men of military units during their spare time. Protestant and R Catholic services in chapel at Cairns, Queensland, Australia. 30 May 1943.

US Archives (NARA) RG 111 SC 180923