Rockhampton – WW2 v Now Photo Booklet...From An American Archives' Photo Viewpoint

DISCOVER Rockhampton's forgotten World War 2 heritage. This photo booklet features a large collection of rarely seen archive photos of Allied military sites around Rockhampton during World War 2...

The book contains rare snapshots of the city from 1942-1945 and is a natural extension of my 24 in number series "BRISBANE – WW2 v Now" etc. Browse the Index

US Services official photographers were active during WW2 here on the Australian Mainland (and elsewhere of course) when and in places where few others would have had security clearances to do so. These many thousands of B&W images lie 'doggo' in American Archives – few if any Americans would look at them but WW2 historically minded Australians would be really interested. Sadly, the images are not digitised and NARA (American Archives' National Archives and Records Administration – NARA) has no plan to do so.

My wife Jenny and I have made three trips to Washington to trawl (card file indexes – rooms full of such chests of drawers !) for these; we've copied some 3000 plus images complete with their surviving captions, but this is likely only around a third of what's there to be located.

Launched 5 October 2023.


This booklet is now only available in printed hard copy format, not available on our usb sticks.

$25 per copy. Free postage within Australia.

These publications are an offshoot of my project to Bring Home The Images to Australia...


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